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Welcome to Premier Massage of Marshall and Wabasso, MN. We have been providing exceptional service to our valued customers since 2001. An ever-increasing number of studies indicate that therapeutic massage is extremely effective in the treatment and relief of a broad array of physical and psychological conditions.

At Premier Massage, we are passionate about the body’s natural ability to heal itself with proper care; we avoid the use of toxic creams and oils that might hinder the therapeutic benefits of our massages and offer a wide assortment of toxin-free products for purchase in our office. Because we respect that our clients have busy lives, we maintain a tight schedule and begin and end all appointments on time; you won’t find yourself reading magazines in our lobby, waiting for your treatment to begin. Call today to schedule an appointment to improve your life naturally.

Expect an awakening of the senses, an inner feeling of well-being.



Cha Her

Cha Her


My name is Cha Her.  My family is originally from Laos, but I was born in Madison, WI. I grew up in Walnut Grove, MN, and graduated from Westbrook Walnut Grove High School. I was the youngest of 8 children and, at the age of 6, began giving my mother massages.  She honored me by declaring that I was the only one able to massage her correctly and to her liking.  Because my mother was always so busy taking care of all 8 of us, I decided to go to massage school so I can take care of her.

I attended SMSU for 2 semesters to get a feel for college and earned my CPR certificate.  I transferred to MN West Community & Technical College, in Luverne, MN, and graduated with a Massage Therapy certificate.

I personally enjoy giving massages, and I love to be able to help someone relieve their pain or discomfort. I appreciate the end results, because everybody usually leaves with a bigger smile on their face.  Honestly, just that simple “thank you” or hug at the end of a session brings me so much joy, and reminds me why I am a massage therapist.

Premier Massage

We have been providing exceptional  massage services to our valued customers since 2001.



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